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Zimbabwe: No Oil, No Fight for Freedom, Democracy, Humanity...
Iranian Oil Bourse Could Kill The US Dollar
Commodity Prices Since 1800
History Reserves A Sad Place For The Next Fed Boss
Growing Similarities Between US Government And Nazi Regime - A Historical Comparison
Unpleasant Trend - Fed Counters By Stopping Release of M3 Money Supply Data
Look Here For an Inflation Proof Currency
2007 List of Silver Mining Companies
I Wanna Be a Bank
Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy - and Common Sense
What Does ONE TRILLION FRNs Look Like?
Monetizing the Debt - Explanation For Non-Economists, Bankers and Other Laymen
EU Elections and the Lisbon Treaty: Only Rookies Have No Plan "B"
Hyper-Inflation in 2 Pictures
Who Owns the Federal Reserve?
Inflation and Deflation - Both Is Right and Wrong at the Same Time
New 2009 List of Silver Mining Companies
TBTF-Theory Not Reflected in History Books
The Gold/Silver Ratio From 1300 to 1900...And Now
A 4-Minute Tour of the China Property Bubble
Worldwide Income Tax Survey
EU Commission Asks Those Banksters who Caused Crisis for Solutions, Critics Say
Paper: Austria May Nationalize OeVAG Bank, Loss Up To €20 Billion
If the Euro Were Backed by Gold, One Ounce Would Cost Far More than €25,000
The Prudent Investor's Outlook 2010
CHART OF THE DAY: US debt vs. GDP in 2009
CHART OF THE DAY: US per Capita Debt and GDP Growth
Mind the Capital Gap: No Relief for Austria's Banks
ECB Predicts 16 Years Until Eurozone Sovereign Debt Recedes to Treaty Level of 60%
Fundamentals Will Stop Euro Recovery In Its Tracks

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