ECB Threatens Ireland with Bomb Terror, Ignores Journalist's Questions

Monday, January 23, 2012

In a superb example of hubris representatives of the European Central Bank (ECB) simply tried to ignore justified questions from the Irish public in the video below. Irish journalist Vincent Browne had a very simple question, "why are Irish taxpayers required to bail out the holders of unsecured bonds?" At issue is the repayment of a €1.25 billion bond by Anglo-Irish Bank that will be due on January 25.
Watch this 5-minute video to deepen your impression that the ECB is not only a bad bank with almost no reserves, but also a badly managed bank, whose arrogant representatives seem to forget that they do not dictate the Eurozone. Browne's question is truly justified. As the name of unsecured debt says, repayment should only happen if the debtor is in the position to do so. It is this difference that pays higher interest to such bond holders as the risk of default is higher than on guaranteed bonds.
Read on afterwards as the ECB Troika has truly threatened Ireland with bomb terror.

ECB Says "A Bomb Will Go Off in Dublin"

Irish website Nama Wine Lake reported during last weekend that the ECB threatened Ireland over the due bond. I am especially disturbed about the language used. Just imagine an ordinary citizen saying the same words. He would be in the flashlight for terror threats. The ECB Troika was allowed to leave the country without further consequences despite their radical speech that is actually an extortion threat.
From the report:
“He [Minister for Transport and Tourism, Leo Varadkar] said that the Troika told the Government that “we don’t want you to default on these payments, it is your decision ultimately but a bomb will go off; and the bomb will go off in Dublin and not in Frankfurt.” 
Minister Varadkar has been accused of being unrestrained in his comments but they have been refreshing in illuminating dealings that other politicians want to remain hidden. The Minister’s comments come a fortnight after the ECB refused to release a letter it had sent to the former Minister for Finance, the late Brian Lenihan on 19th November 2010, a letter which was understood to have warned the Minister not to default on senior bondholders.
If you can make out the difference between a mobster and the ECB, please post it in comments. I do not see any. And this is only the ECB with limited powers. Europe is still on the way into the ESM dictatorship whose proposed statutes already outline a much stronger language without the possibility of regress as this institution will be immune and cannot be sued for any wrongdoing.
Help stopping the ESM in its tracks. European countries are democracies where budget sovereignty must not be transferred to the people who watched the Eurozone go down and had no other solution than to make more debts.

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Anonymous said...

The main difference between a mobster
and the ECB,Imo,is that the FED doesn't bail them out with strings attached,America will do anything to
avoid a 'credit event' leading to a CDS problem!!!


23 January, 2012 13:45

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