The EU's Hush-Hush Strategy For the ESM and Fiscal Compact March-Through

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The European Union's (EU) hush-hush strategy to saddle taxpayers with ultimately trillions of Euros of debt seems to have run into some roadblocks as Eurozone finance ministers have not signed, but only "endorsed" the still unavailable European Stability Mechanism Treaty (ESM).
The EU presidency hopes the ESM will be formally signed at the next Eurogroup meeting on February 20, before it has to be ratified by national governments until June 30. Resistance to the ESM appears to grow in Slovakia and Austria, where political chit-chat circles around rumors that Austria's chancellor Werner Faymann has shaken off the short leash Germany's Angela Merkel had been holding so far, holding his posture in front of ueber-mighty Germany and not nodding off every one of Merkel's ideas.
So far the EU succeeds with its mission to establish the ESM, that will lead in combination with the "Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union" - shorthand: EU Fiscal Compact - into a EU financial dictatorship. European media carry not one word of criticism and politicians in most countries ignore this diabolic piece of legislation completely.

Secret Document: Germany Wants To Put Greece Under EU Curatorship

Saturday, January 28, 2012

In what will probably become a blueprint for the road to EU serfdom, Germany's government has written a so far unpublished document that requires Greece to put interest and debt payments ahead of all other needs and demands that Greece put itself under 'temporary' EU curatorship.
This event comes 2 days ahead of the official signing of the authoritative European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Treaty, whose text is not yet available in English. The setup of the ESM finds an analogy in the Federal Reserve Act, that was pushed through under the eyes of a sleepy legislative and I am most afraid that it will lead Europe in the same direction of curator ship of high finance as it has emerged in the USA.
Following the latest moves in the EU where the European Central Bank (ECB) is run by an unelected president and government heads in Greece (Papademos) and Italy (Monti) did not win power in elections but were somehow "nominated" by the EU Commission, itself an unelected body of the EU with far too wide reaching powers.

AAA Rating or Not - Crowd Sourced Wikirating Values Your Input

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recent downgrades of European government and bank debt have fuelled the discussion on the establishment of a new European rating agency. This will bring no relief, as long as Euro politicians will be eager to exert influence in such a new entity, can be concluded after their accusations that S&P's move on January 13 was politically motivated.
Undisclosed rating processes on a 10-step ladder from AAA to D, salted with '+' and '-' signs, facilitate criticism about an opaque procedure that ultimately costs public borrowers billions in additional future interest rate payments.
Setting up another ratings agency along the same conflict-laden model will be futile as long as this economic down cycle is with us on a global scale. The strongly growing chaos in the Eurozone cannot be upheld by a new entity that follows old guidelines as this has shown the lack of effective transparency, efficiency and neutrality in an outdated system.
World Map Sovereign Debt Ratings by Wikirating

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RED ALERT: EU Finance Ministers Push Through ESM Treaty in Fishy Fly-by-Night Move

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Europe's most important treaty on the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), which will lead the EU into a financial dictatorship, has been pushed through by EU finance ministers late Monday evening.
But the latest version of the ESM cannot be found on English and German EU websites. A link on consilium EU only leads to a 'file not found' message and the German EU website "Europa von A - Z" does not mention the ESM at all. This reminds one of the secrecy around the Federal Reserve Act, that was pushed through in 1912. Is the EU Commission now playing the same fishy game 100 years later?
Media reports from last midnight only said that the ESM treaty was agreed on by EU finance ministers and mentioned January 30 as the date when the treaty will be officially signed.
Significant changes have been made, a few media reported.

ECB Threatens Ireland with Bomb Terror, Ignores Journalist's Questions

Monday, January 23, 2012

In a superb example of hubris representatives of the European Central Bank (ECB) simply tried to ignore justified questions from the Irish public in the video below. Irish journalist Vincent Browne had a very simple question, "why are Irish taxpayers required to bail out the holders of unsecured bonds?" At issue is the repayment of a €1.25 billion bond by Anglo-Irish Bank that will be due on January 25.
Watch this 5-minute video to deepen your impression that the ECB is not only a bad bank with almost no reserves, but also a badly managed bank, whose arrogant representatives seem to forget that they do not dictate the Eurozone. Browne's question is truly justified. As the name of unsecured debt says, repayment should only happen if the debtor is in the position to do so. It is this difference that pays higher interest to such bond holders as the risk of default is higher than on guaranteed bonds.
Read on afterwards as the ECB Troika has truly threatened Ireland with bomb terror.

ECB Says "A Bomb Will Go Off in Dublin"

Germany to Begin Abolishing Cash Transaction in August 2012 Step by Step

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

According to a report in German alternative media Kopp online Germany will begin to abolish cash transactions step by step from August 2012, putting the EU directive 2009/110/EC (PDF) into practice. Germany is the next country after Greece, where the ECB recommended such cash payment limits in May 2010 , and Italy, where cash transactions above €1,000 have been limited since December 4, 2011.
While the official reasoning says this is to combat tax fraud, it is actually another step towards total surveillance in the European Union. All forms of electronic payments can be traced completely.
Ironically a study from the German Bundesbank (PDF) from 2009 arrives at the conclusion that cash fulfills all functions of a payment device in the best way.
Germans still conclude 60% of their transactions with cash.

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Paper: Will a Fed Economist Become Slovenia's Prime Minister?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Egon Zakrajsek, FRB
Is Europe slowly becoming a colony of the Federal Reserve and its bankster friends? Will a Federal Reserve Economist become the next Prime Minister of Slovenia after the Goldman Sachs colonization of the ECB (Draghi), Greece (Papademos) and Italy (Monti)?
Austrian daily "Kurier" had a snippet in its Sunday edition, saying that Slovenian Fed economist Egon Zakrajsek is at issue to become Prime Minister. The paper did not cite a source but reasoned that the stalemate betweeen leftist election winner Zoran Jankovic and conservative Janes Jansa has sprung calls for a "third man."

Facsimile from Austrian daily Kurier.
Translation: After the political stalemate between the left- oriented election winner Jankovic and conservative opposition leader Jansa calls for a 'third man" are getting louder. At issue as new prime minister is Egon Zakrajsek. He belongs to the innermost leading circle of the US central bank Fed.
According to his official bio from the Fed's website, Zakrajsek is an economist on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve system since 1999.

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Unseen in Main Stream Media: Ron Paul Warns of International Currency

As these words from a Ron Paul speech given on January 12, 2012 in South Carolina, have not made it into MSM (mainstream media), here is another chance to catch up on his warnings about an International Monetary Fund (IMF) led intiative to usher in a global currency following a fabricated dollar crisis.
The IMF had first advocated a new global fiat currency in a paper from April 2010 (PDF) where the new currency was titled "Bancor".
UPDATE: The video has been removed recently. Ron Paul's message is transcripted below.

Transcript of Ron Paul's speech:

S&P Now Spelling AustriA Correctly With Downgrade to AA+

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A multiple downgrade of sovereign ratings by Standard & Poor's (S&P) has also reached Austria after the country had been put on the watchlist on December 6, 2011.
Austria was downgraded to AA+ from AAA on Friday with the negative outlook remaining. 

8.5 Trillion Bullion vs. 750 Trillion Derivatives

Monday, January 09, 2012

Click graph for complete display.
All The World's Gold
From: Number Sleuth

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