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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Parsing the multitude of ruminations about rating agency Standard & Poor's threat to downgrade all Eurozone members I am left wondering how this announcement comes as a surprise to many market observers while failing to see the bigger picture that was drawn so far in 2011.
Ring-fenced by exploding deficits, rocketing yields, stubbornly rising unemployment especially among the youth and a true inflation closer to 10% than official figures of three percent, the long term negative outlook for the Eurozone has not changed in the past 11 months.
This action was overdue but again serves more to highlight the deficiencies of an opaque rating process than act as a reliable guideline. After all, most of these Eurozone countries have smaller debt/GDP ratios than the USA, which passed the 100% mark this week and rises faster than EU deficits.

The Next Steps in the Eurozone Crisis Will Lead into the ESM Dictatorship

Friday, December 02, 2011

A downward spiral of short-lived political announcements that have declined from the superficious to the meaningless may fill the headlines of dutiful 24/7 news outlets.
But while attention is wasted on political gobbledygook, leading Eurocrats manage to steer the train wreck aka Eurozone towards greater centralization in Brussels that will ultimately lead to a political ambush in order to push through the true monster in the backyard, the European Stability Mechanism ESM.
Published in English only, depriving 85% of Europeans of their possibility to inform themselves, it is no exaggeration to say that the ESM will lead the Eurozone into a technocrat dictatorship without any democratic oversight at all.

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