Germany to Delay ESM Vote Until 2012

Friday, September 16, 2011

German chancellor Angela Merkel becomes a loner, it appears. In a surprise move the German government will delay the parliament vote on the totalitarian European Stability Mechanism (ESM) until Q1 2012 as dissent in the rows of the junior coalition partner FDP endangers Merkel's costly plans that would put the Eurozone under the thumb of anonymous EUrocrats without the possibility of regress.
According to a report in German (language) daily FAZ on Friday, Merkel's cabinet had originally intended to push through Germany's one-way ticket back into corporatism/fascism by December 16. This plan got shattered by heavy resistance from the junior coalition partner, who does not find support for the EUro dictatorship called ESM among its rapidly dwindling liberal constituency. The FDP plunged from 8% to 2.9% in the latest regional elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state.
Governance by Water Cannon
With 4 out 5 Germans being against a bailout of the PIIGS countries, Merkel's hardheaded course is destined to throw the country into turmoil. Drones hovering above public events and recent orders of higher pressure water cannons from Austrian supplier Rosenbauer AG, recently entangled in some cooking the books affair that led to the stepdown of its CEO, are a foretaste on Merkel's true intentions that have nothing to do with a democracy anymore.

A note to Rosenbauer: Germany was already once wrecked by an Austrian 70 years ago. Don't be complicit in a second destruction of German democracy.

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