Beer Price at German Oktoberfest Jumps the €9 Mark

Friday, September 16, 2011

Seeing a lot of renewed interest in this 2010 post on surging inflation at Bavaria's Oktoberfest - a get together where millions of people get drunk and vomit on each other - here's a short update on 2011 prices.
One liter of beer will climb past the €9 mark with top prices announced at €9,20, according to the official Oktoberfest website. Compared to last year's highest price beer is now 3.4% more expensive. Such prices prove again the uselessness of official inflation figures, which stated latest German inflation at 2.4% in August.
You can still make a bargain by avoiding the Oktoberfest (and all the legal drug induced vomiting) by paying a visit to the now deserted watering holes downtown. Prices for a "Mass", the standard one liter mug used in Bavarian alcohol orgies, range from €6,60 to €8,80.

Apropos water: The price of a liter of water will be on average €7 after €6.80 in 2010. The 2.9% rise is still half a percentage point more than official inflation figures.
While the key ingredient of the Oktoberfest is still an affordable expense, standing while drinking can save you up to €600. This is the going rate for a table in the biggest drug den - ahem, boozing tent - at the Oktoberfest.

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last year the cost to have my lawns cut was £41, but this year its £67

16 September, 2011 13:55

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