MUST SEE VIDEO: The Capitalist Conspiracy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am a bit preoccupied with thinking and reading these days as we are getting closer to the disintegration phase of the ongoing biggest Euro-American financial, economic and political crisis in modern history. The price of gold certainly says so as it has always been the only safe haven in history.
While I still have a problem with conspiracies and certainly want to avoid to get the nutcase brandmark being stamped on my forehead I nevertheless cannot close my eyes before the fact that this crisis was engineered primarily by central banks holding interest rates at ridiculously low levels never seen before in history, encouraging companies and people to borrow easy money to go on shopping sprees.
They were aided by the political goal to create home-ownership societies - and now these homeowners wake up to the fact that their house actually belongs to their bank and they are only debt slaves until the last mortgage installment will be paid.
This will become increasingly difficult once interest rates will rise again. They have to as we live in a Wonderland where risks have never been greater and rates never been lower.
Noting that the whole world, excluding mainstream media, begins to scratch its heads whether it all is really driven by free market forces - it is not as central banks have a monopoly on the price of money - I urge my readers to take their eyes off the charts for 48 minutes and watch this 1960s documentary "The Capitalist Conspiracy" which resulted in another bout of insomnia for me last night.
Wikipedia summarizes the movie the following way:
The film theorizes a conspiracy upheld by big government through money control by citing these books:
Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley,
Philip Dru: Administrator by Edward M. House,
The Strawberry Statement by James Simon Kunen and
The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

The film is summarized in seven conclusions:
  1. There is a conspiracy among some of the richest people in the non-communist nations and that its power is protected by their respective governments. That it is perpetuating its wealth by creating money out of nothing.
  2. In the USA it is perpetuated through the Federal Reserve system. That although it appears that the executive branch controls them it is in fact the other way around.
  3. The capitalist conspiracy in the USA surfaces in the Council on Foreign Relations that influence on the public through television, education and press.
  4. The capitalist conspiracy opposes communism only on the surface because it needs the illusion of a foe. And because the chaos byproduct of the managed conflict advances its own goal of totalitarian world government. A tactic called "pressure from above and below" laid down in Edward M. House's novel Philip Dru: Administrator: Deliberately create problems and frightful domestic and foreign conditions and provide solutions that result in publicly accepted government expansion at the expense of personal liberties and national sovereignty.
  5. There is "much evidence indicating" that both the capitalist and communist conspiracy is directed by a single master conspiracy that may have continuity with The Illuminati, but that this historical question is not as important as what can be done about it.
  6. The reaction to the conspiracies should be to dismantle the big government and localizing schools and police.
  7. That the root of the evil is that money is created out of nothing. The solution is to reduce the power of the Federal Reserve and returning to the gold and silver standards and thus preventing anyone, in or out of government, to manipulate the money supply.
Exposing the conspiracy to public view, by circumventing the establishment's channels of mass communication, would cause it to collapse.
I concur. The world is not going to fare better if we only replace a collapsing fiat money system with another one as the IMF proposes. The Bancor will not work but only extend debt slavery. It is interesting that the Bancor idea never made it into MSM as a Go ogle search reveals but was mainly picked up by alternative online media.
I have ordered all 4 books linked for your convenience below.


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