In Bernanke's Own Words: The Fed Has No Other Choice Than QE2Infinity

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Federal Reserve will keep the helicopters in the air. Don't get too excited, though.
As nothing fundamental has changed since December 2008 (I am not aware of any kind of recovery) I am not surprised that the Fed will continue quantitative easing 2 infinity as stated in the latest FOMC statement:
To help support the economic recovery in a context of price stability, the Committee will keep constant the Federal Reserve's holdings of securities at their current level by reinvesting principal payments from agency debt and agency mortgage-backed securities in longer-term Treasury securities. The Committee will continue to roll over the Federal Reserve's holdings of Treasury securities as they mature.
Don't get too excited. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke knows definitely since December 2008 that he has no other choice than to print more money aka "Monetizing the Debt", this video proves.

Any more questions? The Fed's strategy will delay the inevitable market meltdown, but rest worryingly assured as it will be inevitable.


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