BP Spill Reminder #9 - Day 85 - Can It Get Any Worse?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waiting for news about the success or failure of BP's efforts to put a giant cap on the Gulf leak I want to point readers to Washington's blog who has a series of very graphic pictures shining a light on the true dimensions of the biggest man-made environmental disaster in history.
As there is no way to assess the environmental damage and the health problems that may plague the coast and its people for years to come, these pictures serve as a most gruesome reminder that this catastrophy is out of bounds.

PHOTO: A pelican covered in crude oil. How would you rate its chance of survival? Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images used because of its historical significance under the Fair Use Act.
Click here for more such pictures.

Former Contractor: It's Just About Money

And this is what a former BP contractor has to say. "It's just about money."


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