BP Spill Reminder #5 - Day 81

Friday, July 09, 2010

The picture blackout by BP with the support of US authorities on the world's biggest man-made disaster is obvious. Go ogle for oil spill images und you will note that pictures become more and more scarce with every day. Hardly any new pictures since the beginning of the month.

PHOTO: Gulf beaches 2010. Reuters made a notable exception today with a slideshow you find here. The accompanying story tells us BP sees no early fix before August. Check out the spill counterPhoto courtesy Reuters.
This may make the guys at Ogilvy PR nervous. There is no bigger PR disaster than dead animals and toxic beaches. It will get worse: Wait until we get to the wave of health issues inflicted on people living in the affected coastal regions and the personnel involved in the gargantuan clean-up.
OpEdNews has an extensive spread centering on BP's PR efforts I highly recommend for further reading. No irony: The Ogily officer in charge goes by the name of "Polish."
As a personal observation I can add that BP now regularly undercuts other gas stations by 2 Eurocents/liter (=10 US cents/gallon) in my home country. They used to be at the top price end before the spill.
This disaster should have priority above everything else.


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