BP Spill Reminder #4 - Day 80

Thursday, July 08, 2010

How many millions of birds will not get help in the biggest man-made disaster in history? While there are still not any news about the state of deep-water marine life apart from the fact that many species move into shallow water doubts remain about the effectiveness of BP's efforts to drill relief wells. Check this detailed report here. The Green Chips Stock blog alerts us on a new dangerous twist. There are 27,000 oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico whose state has never been checked.

"Offshore oil wells have attracted their share of attention over the past few months. But while all that attention is focused at the one that has already blown and leaked, there are scores of forgotten wells in the Gulf that may be ticking time bombs. 
Right now, there are over 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells — just like the one underneath BP's fated Deepwater Horizon rig — that are pockmarking the Gulf of Mexico.

An Associated Press investigation has verified that nobody is even trying to determine whether the wells are secured and safe. They're completely unregulated and lying out there alone: sunken castaways.
So, despite warnings from agencies like the EPA and the General Accountability Office, no one has actually checked to see if any of the thousands of wells are currently leaking.
More troubling still are the more than 3,500 "temporarily abandoned" wells. When a company temporarily abandons one of these wells, they don't have to comply with the stricter safety standards of a permanent abandonment, leaving them more vulnerable."
 This disaster should have priority above everything else.


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