BP Spill Reminder #20 - Day 98 - £15 Million For Leaving CEO

Monday, July 26, 2010

Responsible for the biggest man-made environmental disaster in history, leaving CEO Tony Hayward will get a golden handshake of around £15 million in salary, stock options and a £548,000 annual pension.
BP will announce the biggest corporate quarterly loss ever to the tune of £9billion on Tuesday.
Here are some more key figures at the end of Hayward's tenure from the Daily Mail:

Now I have a question: If you were responsible for only a fraction of the damage inflicted by Hayward's negligence, what would your compensation package look like? Maybe just like an immediate dismissal notice!?
The Daily Mail has a scathing article on Hayward's leave and the Telegraph writes that BP USA boss Bill Dudley will succeed him.
For more graphic pictures from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico I recommend Julie Dermansky's Flickr photo stream.


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