BP Spill Reminder #18 - Day 94 - Simmons: The Biggest Environmental Cover-Up Ever?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

As my searches on Gulf oil spill news return far less current stories, videos or pictures from the biggest man-made environmental disaster, Ocean Energy Institute founder Matthew Simmons is becoming an after-sought interview partner.
Simmons, valued and respected by colleagues in the oil industry, is most alarmist in this Bloomberg TV appearance from July 21.
He says BP fabricates the biggest environmental cover-up and suspects there is much more lasting damage the oil giant has not yet made public.
As in the last interview posted, Simmons repeats his claim that the Macondo well casing has disintegrated and holds up the theory that BP wants to cover up bigger problems that are not connected to the well publicized Macondo well leak.

Noticing a scarcity of recent pictures on the environmental damage done I urge
all affected people to document the grave consequences of this catastrophy. Fill in what BP wants to hide about the devastation of America's southern coast and the yet unknown harm to marine life and all other life.
There are more than 400 acutely endangered bird species, reports Rain Forest Radio.
What about the economic mischief. Real estate must be dead, or can you tell otherwise?
If Matt Simmons is right, the USA is confronted with the next mass evacuation, dwarfing the Katrina disaster where government did a terrible job. Will/can it act better this time?

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