BP Spill Reminder #11 - Day 87 - It Was a $2.2 Trillion Economy Before the Spill

Thursday, July 15, 2010

As the world waits to hear whether the cap on BP's biggest oil spill in history will work, Businessinsider has compiled key figures about the economy in the affected Gulf states.
A dead tourism and fishing industry will certainly not be able to contribute to the Gulf states $2.2 Trillion economy.
Check out the slide show here.
If you are interested how BP reacted to earlier oil spills, here is a piece dug out from USA Today August 2006.
This quote should be enough of a teaser:
Environmentalists say BP's record lays bare a company keenly aware of the corrosion problem. In 1999, as a condition for approving BP's merger with Arco, which previously operated part of the Prudhoe Bay field, state officials called for twice-yearly meetings with BP to review the company's corrosion monitoring.
That year, BP workers approached Chuck Hamel, a retired oil broker and advocate for oil workers, with concerns that, to hold down costs, the company was skimping on use of a corrosion-prevention chemical, Hamel says.
In a May 2004 letter to Walter Massey, chairman of the BP board's environmental committee, Hamel warned of "cost cutting, causing serious corrosion damage" to lines and worker fears of "a catastrophic event."
After company executives did not take action, Hamel says, he went to EPA officials.
 Get it! This biggest man-made environmental catastrophy should have priority above everything else.


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