VIDEO: Ratzinger Slapped Reporter's Hand When Asked About Cover-Up

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Most recent PR disasters in the Vatican, where the preacher to the papal house compared recent attacks on the sex- and sadism plagued Catholic church with anti-Semitism, have sparked an outrage around the world.
Pope Ratzinger, appearing frail on TV after weeks of countless new revelations how widespread abuse was (is?), so far has only dug in his heels, willing to refer everybody to justice as longs as he can save his own career. It is undisputed that Ratzinger was a key figure in the cover-ups of abuse scandals in the 1980s and 1990s, when he was the Vaticans special envoy for everything that needed to be swept under the rug.
Ratzinger's nerves are definitely lying blank when confronted with cover-ups of systematic child abuse. This YouTube video shows the then pope slapping a reporter's hand (at 00:19 mins) and was posted in August 2008. See the video after the jump.

VIDEO: The pope's nerves lie blank when confronted with cover-ups of child abuse.
I am blogging this as we see a mega-institution that dominated the last 2 millennia going down the drain if they not immediately change course. With a 1 billion membership this is still the most powerful spiritual (?) organization in the world whose authority may vanish if the Vatican and especially the pope don't come clear about it all.
Moral authority and child abuse don't come hand in hand and I am still waiting for a reaction of the American fundamental Christian media.
As there have been reports that Ratzinger tries to be acknowledged as statesman - and enjoy immunity in the course - this looks like a feast for lawyers. Technically the Vatican is no independent state as only Italy had unilaterally permitted the church to draw an advantageous border between Italy and itself. Ironically the Vatican is a co-signatary of the UN's convention on children's rights.
As we leave in a secular world this is a plain case for auhorities. Child abuse suspects and those shielding them are to be interrogated, full stop.


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