There Is a Greek Tragedy And All the EU Produces is Comedy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As this video was produced by the European Commission (EC) one must assume this is how the official Europe sees its single currency. I consider this a new mockery by the Brussels Moloch while Greece is on the brink of default after Germany recommended that the Hellenic Republic leave the Euro.

This video was released on March 31 and has a already created a stir as the EU wanted EUX.TV producer Raymond Frenken to withdraw this annotated version. If the EC forgets about the basic right of expression of thoughts because of a few annotations the Euro is probably a giant on clay feet.
The EU blunder does not stop here. Or can you tell who is the likely target audience for these 2 EC productions?

Proven wrong by now: The Euro: a solid foundation for growth.

All clips were produced by the European Commission's Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs and made available to broadcasters.

And here's a last sad laugh: The Euro rocks with the Dollar


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