German Company Will Make Biggest Gold Coin Ever, Weighing 3,333 Ounces

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Here's a coin that will be without doubt the highlight of every coin collection. German gold seller Global Metal Agency takes reservations for the heaviest gold coin ever produced.
The "Global Liberty" has a fineness of 999.9, weighs 3,333 troy ounces or 103.6 kilos and will cost you a cool €2.99 million or €897 per ounce. I presume this price is subject to change when gold prices start to rise again. Oh, and hurry up, coinage is limited to 3 pieces.

PHOTO: The world's heaviest gold coin displays the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, until 1989 a borderpoint between East and West Berlin until Germany's reunification, on the obverse side. The reverse side is loosely designed after the flag of the United Nations. The diameter of 50 centimeters may be a bit wide for most customer bank vaults.

Once manufactured the Global Liberty will replace the 100 kilo gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint as the heaviest gold coin. Investors with deep pockets have already made solid profits. The Canadian Mint sold them in 2007 for 1 million Canadian Dollars each. The Royal Canadian mint made the coins - 20 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick - mostly to seize the bragging rights from Austria, which had held the record with a 1000 ounce, 15-inch wide coin. In 2004 the Austrian Mint was awarded the Guinness World Record for the World’s largest gold coin when it struck 15 1000 oz (31.1 kg, 69 pounds) Philharmonics.


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