MSNBC Says Fed Showered Banks with $23.7 Trillion

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The numbers in the American bank bailout charade are ballooning and MSM begin to take notice. MSNBC pushed the tally to $23.7 Trillion in secret handouts to banks who never stopped weighing up their exexcutives and dealmakers in gold at bonus time.

VIDEO: This video was uploaded to Youtube last weekend. Enjoy a rabid TV presenter accusing the Fed of handing out a stunning $23.7 Trillion to the poor banks. The story lacks an explanation as to how they arrived at this 14-digit estimate.
Referring to this post on shifts in the global power structure I take note that authority bashing sees a revival in the US media. Will we finally get to read stories again that are not simple copy&paste government/lobby/bank etc. propaganda. I very much hope so.


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