Conservative Interior Minister Wants to Revive Concentration Camps in Austria

Monday, January 11, 2010

Austrian Interior Minister Maria Fekter - nicknamed "Gravel Mizzi" - in all seriousness proposed a revival of concentration camps in Austria for asylum seekers on Sunday in a TV discussion.
According to her ideas - that collide head-on with human rights - Fekter wants to detain asylum seekers in camps indefinitely.
Social democratic government members have been busy rejecting Fekters inhumane ideas since. Locking up traumatized people who may have been incarcerated in the countries they try to flee is nothing else than Hitler's idiocy transponded to the new millennium.
Fekter has gained a terrible reputation as all her proposals are universally - with the exception of Austria's growing far right - condemned as policies that contravene the human right to be free if innocent. Maybe she should re-read these basic rights which also apply to Austria as a UN member.
Constitution experts are outraged about Fekter's plans as there is no legal base to detain people for nothing.
Alas, Austria is not the only nation stomping on human rights. The US' problems with releasing the last 100 prisoners in Gunatanamo are a clear reminder that there is still a lot of s**t to hit the fan.


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