The Prudent Investor Now in 3 Lists of 100 Best Financial Blogs

Friday, October 30, 2009

Although I do not accept ads to exclude any possible conflict of interest as I run this blog as a non-commercial service to help my own investment decisions, I think it is nevertheless time for a bit of shoulder patting concerning the success and reach of this blog after the first 700 posts.
Always criticizing that the current economic mess is a result of getting next to no economic knowledge in all school systems worldwide I am especially proud that has listed me as the #15 - which translates into #1 in the category news blogs, 4 ranks ahead of the Wall Street Journal, in their new list of 100 blogs for future investors.
At the same time I am positively surprised that valuewiki lists me at a respectable #80 according to Alexa while their Technorati ranking puts this blog at #34.
While direct hits may lag behind other serious bloggers, I take comfort in the fact that my post get aggregated at more than 100 other websites. I have long lost count but I enjoy it tremendously to reach a worldwide audience.


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