CONFIDENTIAL - Cheney Leads Pack for Peace Nobel Prize 2010, Bernanke Economic Nominee

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Excuse my absence in recent days. Waking up to the news that US president Barack Obama was awarded the Peace Nobel Prize - is yet known to what charity he will give the $1 million coming attached with it? - I cannot resist the impression that we have landed straight in George Orwell's "1984" where war is peace in the kind of newspeak Orwell theorized about in 1948 but that has become reality today, making me doubt everything that has been accepted knowledge until last weekend.
When a guy with 2 wars on his hands he loses while inofficially entering a 3rd war in the Pakistani tribal areas gets the most prestigious peace award we have finally entered an era of created reality that comes as close to reality like same-named TV shows.

1984 Is Now
Now that Obama got his Swedish medal, I can put a new rumour into the world. Next year's leading contender for the peace Nobel will be Dick Cheney - you remember, George W. Bush's vice in every meaning of the word - simply for not being in office anymore. Cheney in retirement is certainly the best that can happen to the global peace process, so why not honor him?
Or let's have a few more drinks and become really courageous.
Isn't Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke eligible too? Mainstream media (MSM) recently portrayed Bernanke positively, wrongly claiming he had saved the financial industry in the last 12 months. So please give him a medal and some other honor to his predecessor Alan Greenspan also simply for the reason that he is not in office anymore.

Iraq to Trade Oil in Euros
All this appears to me secondary though, as the media coverage of Obama's Nobel prize swept the most important fact of news under the carpet last week had to offer in MSM.
Alternative media website Alternet informed its readers on October 9, that Iraq was going to sell its oil in Euros, nullifying the last important reasons for George Bush's invasion of Iraq who rightly feared that commodity trading in other than Federal Reserve Notes might eradicate the dollars prime status as the world's reserve currency.
Isn' it strange that all MSM missed out on this truly important fact of political news that is more important for the dollar than the numbers of medals around Obama's neck?
Investmentwise nothing has changed my outlook until 2011: Stay long gold, silver, play oil on the long side if you need to gamble.


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