Weekend Viewing: Creeping Corporatism/Fascism: Police Attacks Pittsburgh Students

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pls somebody shake me awake and tell this is not ther USA 2009.

VIDEO: Pittsburgh students are attacked with non-lethal sound canons. But look at the martiality of these government's goons. The whole scene reminds me of junta-like regimes that quell any and all democracy (which is the right of the ither to speak his mind.)
Is the whole world coming to an unprecedented state of chaos as these defense expenses trillions are neither in the pockets of Congress nor in those of taxpayers? The bankrupt US(S)A has other priorities, way more pressing than to terrorize its own citizens. How many computers for school kids bought only for the total tab of this show of homemade terror paid for by tax payers who certainly have more vital agendas on their minds these days?
Their mid term most challenging task will be to find foreign nations buying bonds from a government that has been trampling on human rights for centuries now and looks maybe even ready for segregation. CHeck out some old world maps: America is only around for 400+ years. The first Iraqi chiefdoms, Chinas's emperors or the Roman empire had ruled much longer and fell for the same reasons:
Too much debt
A public standing up against either bread prices or new "taxes" has always been the breeding ground for very sudden movements of the public. As I have not come across a piece of history that would disprove of this theory, here a may-be version about the first signs that will hit citizens: ATM's won't work, banks telling will only allow maximal daily amounts.
A systemic failure would mean financial and economic chaos within 2 weeks where we may come across a new Tsunami that bankrupts companies and families bankrupt because the credit system cannot keep the money going round anymore
Enough for a late Saturday blog post. I will elaborate more on this in a timely fashion.


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