Fed Attorney Wants to Clarify "Yes" and "No", Does Not Rule Out Fed's Direct Intervention in All Sort of Markets

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tired of the Simpsons on morning TV for a first shot of eye-blinking humour and irony? Well, then better change to the REAL REALITY LIVE TV C-SPAN. Another good source for the best soundbites from idealess politicians is youtube.com
I normally see video as a time consuming habit. Better utilize time to read 3 hardcopy studies than listen to one of them. Well - er - there may be one adult-only TV news station designed to represent the truly booby info ;-)
Unfortunately this doesn't work in the case of a live transmit from some government venues where every irony writer/comedian will at least have leg-cramps because he could not come up with better satire.
Check out this video where Republican Congressman Alan Grayson slams Fed Attorney Alvarez for the Fed's apparent posture to block off any information claims and does not rule out that the Federal Reserve actively intervenes in all kinds of markets!!!

VIDEO: Rep. Congressman Alan Grayson owns Fed Attorney Alvarez, whose biggest skill is probably to revolutionize science about the meanings of such conundrum-like words like "yes" and "no" Video courtesy of BreakThe Matrix.
This involuntarily comedy reminds me of George Orwell's newspeak where war is peace and yes is no.
Find 100s of such inferior appearances of politicians recorded somewhere on the Web.
TV is dead. (First coz'of too many ads, now coz'of not enough ads) I prefer to get unedited cellophane (sorry, digital whatevers) versions of what had happened on the Web e.g.
Twitter has become faster than any newswires who themselves jump the bandwagon in order to show presence among millions of micro-bloggers.
The web begins to scare execs of traditional media who relied on ad incomes that now mostly go to Go Ogle ads. I cannot imagine that the traditional printed press will survive by holding on to the wrong strategy which is just another continuation what we heard n times before.


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