A Very Subjective Apple Experience and Long Term Heads Up

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Currently being absolutely devastated that a friend spilled his orange juice a week ago on my MacBookPro, blogging will remain rather light until I get a replacement which may take up to 6 weeks for the new matt screens on the 15-inch Mac laptop.
As I only have a HP 9000 with next to no software on it, earlier downgraded from Vista (a complete disaster from my view) to XP, after days of playing around with system software - which doestn`make handling a SoftMicro system exactly easier - I take the freedom to reduce my web presence as a watcher, not blogger.
Ironically Bill Gates praised Apple as the best machine he had ever seen and this is the year I was initiated to become an Apple devotee. But first listen to Microsoft Founder Bill Gatesbefore you read on.

Pricewise Apple was out of reach in 1984. At the small Austrian financial news agency Wirtschaftspressedienst I co-founded in 1988 we had used Atari ST`s as it was a nice graphic user interface (GUI) for a third of the Apple price tag. SoftMicro at that time had DOS. Did you ever run into a PC user (except tech nerds) that was delighted about DOS? I have not.
Apple`s system was no. 6 and it progressed in the late 1980s to system 7. Comparing Windows 7 beta to Apple`s sys 7 I have arrived at the decision that the 20 year old Mac operating system is still superior to what MS will issue later this (or next) year as their latest master piece (????).

Microsoft is Simply User Unfriendly
Using Mac laptops since the laptop numbered 170, that was brought out in 1992, I always preferred the ease of use compared to Windows computers where I waste on average 70% of computer time with trying to get the (expletive) machine running again.
Using a HP Pavilion 9000 at the moment I just hate to work with inferior software outside the smooth Mac environment.
Sorry Mr. Gates, you have to catch up some 20 years of operating elegance.
Windows Vista had crippled my network in January and it took me 3 weeks just to get the WLAN running again. On the way Microsoft`s manuals and help documents always drove me to the most idiotic answer, "Contact your system/network manager!!"
Hahaha, for my network that`s me!!

Biggest Mistake Was Not to Buy Shares in 2003
The biggest mistake that ever happened to me was not to buy Apple shares in 2003 - they have become a 400-bagger or more since - when I bought a 17-inch Powerbook G4. The thing became red hot in my lap, but it never failed me once and on average I had to reboot the system once a week. This HP with XP Pro I am sitting on front of right now, needs to be rebooted 2-20 times a day (that`s when I get a book instead) and right now I am a step closer to just fold the screen down and throw it away, as it tries do dial something and I cannot figure out how to stop this annoyance.
Apple told me today that the waiting time for my replacment MacBookPro with an eye-friendlier matt screen will be up to 6 weeks.
This proves my beloved anecdotal experiences when shopping. If these Apples sell faster than they can put them in the shelves and I may have to wait 1-2 weeks just to get a rental laptop the company is doing something right..
As the US stock market still holds at crazy levels with PEs above 100 I would not buy Apple now, but I will certainly be looking in a year from now whether Apple might not be at true bargain levels again.
Oh yeah and I intend to short Microsoft once this current relief rally fades away and the S&P 500 is in the 900s, as this signals for me a continuation of this long term bear market.
DISCLOSURE: 3 Macs in the family, one currently broken - and nobody lends me theirs!!
NOTE: Post was redacted for clarity on Sep 1.


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