Moody's Offers Training Courses on CDO/S - After Getting 99% of Ratings Wrong

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

In a world drowning in some 64.000 AAA rated CDO and CDS (credit debt obligations/swaps) Moody's has - 3 to 4 years late - but correctly recognised the public's demand for information on all these papers, posing a TRILLION risk for the entire financial globe.
They must be eager to get out word on the dangers of rated derivatives. Moody's tries to get you back to class room with a DISCOUNT OFFER included in its spam. It was not revealed whether these courses were AAA-rated.

SCREENSHOT: Found in my spam folder: Moody's invitation to take classes on credit derivatives 3 to 4 years after these "weapons of financial mass destruction" (Warren Buffett) have brought us on the brink of financial apocalypse. Click for larger image.
This borders on irony as my first ever blog post was born from my fury on the triple-A writers serving everybody who paid them.


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