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Monday, May 18, 2009

Although my own productivity rhythm at blogging is cyclical due to frequent travelling for my beloved on-the-ground economic research in all corners of the globe and my love for history books - a book stack that is only growing - I never miss out on my long list of favourite economic and financial bloggers as long as I can go online wherever I am.
As I just cleaned and updated my blogroll in the sidebar (for Internet Explorer users the bar appears down-below my posts) I thought it may be of help to my readers why I read which blogs.
As I consider them all top of the notch I list them in alphabetical order.
1440 Wall Street makes me feel as if I am in the middle of the world's financial capital (for the time being.) It has matured from a blog with insider chat into something much bigger since. Check out all tabs there.
A Fistful of Euros compiles the best of European econ blogging with many contributors from all over the old continent.
Across The Curve delivers all the highlights from fixed income information I need for my macro view.
Aktien Trading Austria focuses on Austria's capital market. German language
Austrian Economists came to my attention only today. As most believers in the Austrian school of economics they deliver a steady flow of out-of-the-box thinking that makes sense.
Beat the Press is the checkpoint to see what MSM (main stream media) got wrong
Bonobo at Home is written by Spain based Brit Edward Hugh who says the best starting point for his and his syndicated writers is Global Economy Does Matter which links to all his other regionalized econ blogs. Edward excels in delivering complete current write-ups of national economies without producing information overkill. Only thing I miss is a RSS feed that aggregates his multitude of said regional blogs. One of my top 5 blogs.
Ueber-blogger Barry Ritholtz has been producing unchanged quality for years at The Big Picture but his style changed from truly big pictures to a more snippet-like form that is nevertheless a must read.
Burning Our Money is an entertaining, sometimes quite frothy chronicle targeting how the UK government wastes its money.
Calculated Risk (we'll all keep a memory of the late Tanta) has evolved from the best blog about the US housing bubble to discuss a wider field of issues. One thing stays the same: When in doubt about real estate, surf there.
Capital Chronicle entertains with sarcastic general commentary.
Capital Markets & Economic Analysis looks at markets from a technical and fundamental perspective.
The Capital Spectator dives deeper into the issues day after day, focusing on markets and macro economics.
Cassandra Does Tokyo makes me chuckle with every new post. One can feel that she has to tame her rightful cynicism.
CommodityBullMarket focuses on the coming bull market in commodities and precious metals, a stance I fully agree with.
Controlled Greed is devoted to investing in undervalued stocks on a fundamental basis.
Culture of Life is the best female econ blogger, compiling all important news of the day in one brilliantly written post. Among my top 5.
The Cunning Realist is written by a Republican fed up with the folly of all politicians.
COTS Timer scrutinizes the commitment of traders statistics in futures markets.
Democracy Now focuses on human rights violations and the uncountable wars around the world.
Daily Kos is my daily dose of US Democrat's issues.
DollarDaze shares my perspective that all paper currencies will devalue to zero and expects a major commodities bull.
EclectEcon: Economics and the mid-life crisis have much in common: Both dwell on foregone opportunities.
Econbrowser by economists James D. Hamilton and Menzie Chinn, two of the better writers in their guild.
Economist's View comments the issues of the day, including more links to the respective subject.
Economic Dreams - Economic Nightmares is most skeptical about America's economic future.
Econom Pic Data offers "darn nice economic eye-candy." Want a graph but are too lazy to do it yourself? It's highly likely Jake has done it there already.
The European Citizen comments daily events in the European Union.
European Tribune is a political blog dealing with issues in the European Union.
Finance Trends Matter offers links of the day and critical opinion on the macro level.
Finance Round Table aggregates the A-list of econ and finance blogs.
Finance Professor reminds us that economics is fun and has a good link collection.
Footnoted is an expert in reading the fine print in SEC filings.
FSK's Guide to Reality gives contrarian in-depth information on issues we all consider indisputable axioms of capital markets. His posts will make you thinking.
Gold Chat focuses on all precious metals issues and is not endorsed by the Australian mint where the author works.
Mish's Global Economic Trends Analysis is very often the fastest instant and thorough analysis on the web concerning macro and corporate issues. One of my top 5 blogs.
Gadling should be visited before you have any travel plans.
Global Voices Online watches the global blogosphere. A nice distraction between all that macro and micro that is my usually daily diet.
Indian Economy Blog is the best I found so far about India's stock market and other issues on the subcontinent.
Jesse's Cafe Americain not only offers insightful commentary but also mouth-watering pics from the food there.
Jim Rogers Blog is not written by the master himself but is a reliable source picking up all of Jim Rogers' media appearances and writings.
Jr Deputy Accountant sees it all from the common sense perspective.
Julien Frisch is a German blogger shooting up the ranks in the German blogger scene. He writes in English.
Learn to Trade Futures is edited by my friend Duncan Robertson on the Isle of Skye. If you have no time to surf hundreds of web pages everyday, Duncan reliably produces a complete digest of today's news all year round.
Luxist blogs on the finer things in a material life. In step with the economic reality there are far less million dollar mansions than in 2007, replaced now by more affordable luxuries in the 3, 4 and 5 figure range.
macroblog, once the unofficial casual style Fed voice among bloggers is still excellent in explaining macroeconomic and Federal Reserve issues.
Mahalanobis is the only other Austrian blogger handling serious economic issues.
Marc Faber Blog is written by the critical and often contrarian investor himself. It came to my attention because he now also twitters (@marcfaber).
Market Skeptics, discovered yesterday, is exactly that. Their post about Dubai's gold shows they browse for the right information destined to be major fundamental events.
Market Ticker never fails to write about current market events in an informative, sometimes rude but always entertaining style. One of my top 5 blogs.
Maverecon is my favorite of all blogs on the Financial Times website.
Miscellaneous Economic Ramblings - the title says it all.
The Mess that Greenspan Made often has the same ideas and the same cycles of creativity and productivity as I do. Cheers Tim.
Mises Economics Blog is another must for Austrian economists.
My 1st Million at 33 are the hands-on experiences of a guy's way to wealth.
naked capitalism is certainly among my top 5 blogs, written by various authors with expert knowledge.
Oil Drum brings you the global outlook and discussion about energy in the future.
Oil Drum Europe offers valuable information on - you guess what - oil and energy of course.
Paper Economy is skeptical about the duration of the current crisis. Will it be longer than we all think?
Past Peak takes a close look on oil (reserves) and has a daily joke as well.
Peter Pilz is a green Austrian politician uncovering corruption affairs and other crimes done by politicians and officials. German language only.
Price of Everything has smart economic commentary written by Tim Price who could also make his money as a comedian once the economic apocalypse engulfs us all.
ProBlogger offers advice how to grow the readership of your blog and make money from it.
Purple Slinky is another welcome distraction from markets.
Robert Reich's Blog is the former 22nd Secretary of Labor and is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. This is his personal diary on economics.
Russian Stock Market Blog is the source for news about said subject.
Seeking Alpha is the leading source for serious econ bloggers. I am proud to be one of their contributors.
Simoleon Sense covers psychological aspects and other little known valuable knowledge for investors. He also has daily linkfests one should not miss out on, leading to more interesting articles concerning investing.
Skeptical Speculator never tires. Reliable source for the global economic indicators of the day.
Today in Silver focuses on events in the silver sector which is still neglected by most investors but may have a golden future.
Troy Ounce: I have never seen somebody becoming a good writer in a matter of days until I found this blog.
Truck and Barter has more thinking out-of-the-box.
Unbiased Trading is an excellent source for technical analysis.
Vox is full research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists.
Washington's Blog is a good alternative to MSM.
When Giants Fall written by best-selling author Michael Panzner is about the most pessimistic blog I have come across. This does not mean that he is wrong with his pessimism.
World2Come provides an outlook into the future on very many issues.
Your New Reality publishes those interesting stories and picture that cannot be found in MSM.
Zerohedge: I marvel how one person can do so many detailed posts in one day. One of my top 5 blogs.


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