CORRECTED - Does My Blog Get Censored by Internet Service Providers?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As I have just received the 3rd notification from Feedblitz that a subscriber was requested by his internet service provider (ISP) to remove my blog which they have received by email subscription, I am deeply worried.
Does the internet get censored by ISPs?
I am not aware that my blog contains anything offensive. I began critiscising the policies that led us into the biggest economic crisis in human history in April 2005 and have never ever received a complaint in 5 years of blogging concerning my writings. The only thing that may differ from other websites is my use of plain and direct language when deciphering the lala-gobbledygook of policymakers for my valued readers.
Feedblitz informed me this way with a standardized email: has unsubscribed from "The Prudent Investor"
The reason is: 08: ISP requested removal
I have mailed all 3 former readers in order to inquire the details as to why their ISP essentially restricts their access to my blog.
This is a violation of the human (and in many countries also of the constitutionally guaranteed) right for free information. So far I have not received a reply to my inquiries which makes me wonder even more.

Please Let Me Know
I humbly point you to the many other options to subscribe my blog in the sidebar if this happens to you. 
I am most interested in any information readers and other bloggers can provide regarding this worrisome issue.
Please let me know of any such irregularities in comments or by email. Find my email address in my blogger profile.
Once more: In a democratic country you have a guaranteed right to choose the information you read freely and unimpeded. Everything else is an unlawful censorship.
My sidebar also contains
a link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF.) This organisation actively defends the right to express your opinions. Bloggers can join EFF here. I recommend all others to check out EFF's compilation of blogger's rights in the USA. 
In my homecountry Austria I have the plight to follow the laws of professional journalists without having any of their privileges. If you understand German, read my thoughts at my other blog Impressum
I tried to found a bloggers guild to no avail. The serious Austrian blogosphere could convene in a school bus and I did not receive a single positive answer from my fellow Austrian bloggers. At least my other blog initiated a cyber discussion on this issue in Switzerland.
I hope to receive more information regarding all attempts to censor free speech from you, my valued readers.
UPDATE: I just came across this worrisome article about a police state study that ranks the USA as the 6th worst.
CORRECTION: I am relieved that censorship is NOT the case for these notifications. Blog reader Jim E C. mailed me this response:
It's entirely possible that some of your readers cannot figure out how to unsubscribe to an email feed. Instead they mark the email as spam, not realizing that by moving the email to their spam folder (thus saving them a trip to the "delete" button), they also send feedback to their ISP. Feedblitz then responds to those misguided attempts to unsubscribe.
On the other hand, it is probably a good idea to back up your posts.
You might also subscribe via email to your blog just to watch how the email is formatted etc. (Ed: I do)
You might also contact Feedblitz about this, but it's probably a lost cause.
After a bit of the Google, I found the following link:
Such behavior happens all the time. I follow your blog using RSS/Atom. No problems (other than you don't write enough...)
I nevertheless point readers again to my link to the study on police states. Follow it to find a PDF-File there about the dimension of surveillance modern technology has made possible, exceeding George Orwell's sad visions by far.


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