What Does ONE TRILLION FRNs Look Like?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recent media commentaries have billed trillions the new billions as expansive monetary policy has propelled money supply into hitherto unknown stratospheres and the US budget deficit has pierced the 13-digit mark.
As a benefit to nature modern-day money creation works without paper and ink. Sand turned into microchips will awake the standing armies of digitally created fiat money at the disposal of central bankers who uniformly erred about the current crisis that may turn into a collapse later this year.
One thing is for sure: There are enough FRNs around and if central bankers don't throttle money supply growth we may all end up as millionaires. That's a hundred for your burger please, madam/sir.
Check out these very graphic computer drawings of 1 TRILLION Federal Reserve notes (in 100s) at pagetutor.com.


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