The World Looks Forward to the New US President

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The world is full of hope again, now that a charismatic Barack Obama has secured his ticket to the White House. Mr. Obama certainly has the energy and brains to become one of the most popular US presidents at home and abroad. His election shows that America does not care about colour anymore, so long as it brings a substantial change in policy after the 8-year long Bush disaster.
Bush leaves about the worst legacy any president can saddle his successor with. Bush's presidency was marked by two unjustified wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, irresponsible fiscal policy, brutal force against opponents and the reversal of America's prior image as a force for liberty and democracy into a bully on the global stage, playing its muscles.
Mr. Obama inherits a load of pressing problems. At home he has to extinguish the biggest financial crisis in a century, reintroduce human rights as a code of conduct and America's diminishing role in global politics where China and India will demand bigger influence.
The new president finds empty coffers in the Treasury, looted by his predecessor to the tune of more than $5 TRILLION, bringing national debt to more than $11 TRILLION by the time Bush packs up in the oval office.
If Obama succeeds in steering the USA through the current perfect storm while managing a redistribution of wealth to the benefit for all he will make history. The world is on a crucial point as we witness a break-down of the Western capitalist system that has passed the point of no return in Bush's presidency.
Mr. Obama, the world keeps the fingers crossed for you.


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