Technical Problems Converge With a Berlin Trip

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Due to lasting technical problems with both my computers that converge with a trip to Berlin blogging will cease for a week. The situation again strengthens my belief that Microsoft is a long term short play.
After my MacBook - which survived the Indian monsoon, a crossing of the Sahara and my suicidal style of mountainbiking in Vancouver - suddenly went dead I turned on my Windows Vista equipped HP Pavilion for the first time in almost a year. It took me 14 hours to install all the Vista updates that had accumulated since. After this tiring job I was at least able to surf the web again, turned off the machine and went to sleep. Next morning I had a classical deja vu. Surfing the web, probably the most required task on any PC these days, again did not work although I had religiously followed all procedures to shut it down correctly.
Windows help is more or less useless in solving problems. One keyword leads to many others and in the end one is always advised "to contact the system administrator."
Haha, what a lousy joke. Thanks to a good friend who did not flee the scene when I told him my anger about this piece of crap called Windows Vista but took the laptop and said it would take him at least a day to set up the system again. So I can enjoy the 7 days a week party life while pondering whether to short Microsoft because its products always need a system expert just to keep it running.
The PC was always an unloved option for me, needed only to run some trading software while everything else is done on the Mac.
Turning the Mac in for repair became an entirely different experience. The power problem was solved for free and the replacement of the cracked top and bottom covers will be for free as well although the warranty haslong expired again.
Another indication that Apple computers are the future came up when I simultaneously ordered a new MacBook Pro. These laptops are selling like hot cake and even Vienna's biggest Apple shop had none in stock. They only took an order with an downpayment and were not able to guarantee a delivery date for 5 days.
I am actually relieved.Could I have a better excuse for not blogging a few days?


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