Google Will Build Server Farm in Austria

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Internet giant Google will build a new server farm in Austria. According to Austrian media reports Google finalized the purchase of a 75 hectares (=185 acres) property in Kronstorf, Upper Austria. It is expected to build one of its 36 estimated data centres here. The server farm will need an investment upwards of €100 million and Google will employ roughly 100 people after two years of construction.
According to Austrian daily "Kurier" the property is ideally located, close to several hydropower plants that ensure power supply and the river Enns whose water can be used to cool the hardware. Kurier listed a link to, citing it as a source for its estimate that Google operates 36 server farms worldwide. The link was dead as of today.
Google has come under criticism in Europe for its attitude towards privacy laws while being secretive about its own data collection, gained from offering free services, like its famous search engine and Blogger, to users. Its critics say that Google evades local privacy laws by storing data out of reach of the respective jurisdictions.


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