The Prudent Investor Joins Wikinvest

Monday, September 08, 2008

It did not take Wikipedia very long to become the standard online encyclopedia that has blossomed in 23 different languages.
Having joined a new grassroots service for investors by invitation I hope that Wikinvest will soon equal its successful model in popularity.
The new non-commercial service aims to establish itself as the premium provider of investment and economic knowledge and relies entirely on volunteers like me.
Wikinvest differentiates between specific company information and concepts that cover economic terms or issues. Equal to its big brother all articles can be edited by all registered users which should ensure unbiased information. Wikinvest has special bulls and bears categories for more opinionated contributors. This should prevent stock touting pretty effectively, I hope, being glad to have joined at a very early stage of Wikinvest.


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