Blogroll Updated - More Good Analytical Bloggers Added

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've updated my blogroll in the sidebar. In times of turmoil it always pays to check and counter check investment strategies frequently and especially whether underlying fundamentals give reason to adjust the portfolio.
Check these blogs I added - listed in no specific order - for witty and innovative angles discovered in politics and the economy. Most of these blogs are updated daily. And check all the other blogs in my blogroll not mentioned here as well. They are all my daily reads.

  • The sometimes rabid criticism in Elaine Supkis Culture of Life News blog is always most reliably backed up by facts. Get your daily dose of what bankers do not want to acknowledge officially. Are there more female bloggers to unsettle the otherwise male domain of financial bloggers?
  • A Fistful of Euros is a cooperative European blog with local analysis of economic and political events in the European Union. It also has the most comprehensive blogroll of high quality European bloggers.
  • Global Voices aggregates, curates, and amplifies the global conversation online at the highest level – shining light on places and people other media often ignore.
  • Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up - Witty corporate musings.
  • Kudlow's Money Politics - The comical Ali of capital markets. How can someone be so stubborn in supply-side theories while the ships are sinking?
  • Marginal Revolution picks up anomalies from all fields. A good daily surprise when you have stared at too many numbers.
  • The Mises Economics Blog adds the classical Austrian perspective to current events, which is a philosophy of truly free markets absent of any political intervention.
  • My favorite energy blog is The Oil Drum which deals with the time after oil.
  • The only inactive blog I kept is The Road To Euro Serfdom which has not been updated in a while after delivering daily tidbits on undemocratic events in the EU. I hope he comes back.
  • Looking for news from the Moscow stock exchange? The Russian Stock Market Blog has it daily and is written by award-winning market professionals.
  • Seeing the Forest deals with a different question along the slogan "Who is our economy FOR?"
  • Trading Market Update posts overlooked gems from the world of analysis with a technical bias.
  • Legendary Paul Kedrosky looks at CONTROLLED into undervalued stocks with a fundamental bias.
  • The Indian Economy blog is a good stop for Indian insights.
  • The now defunct unterthecounter blog has evolved into something much bigger. 1440 Wall Street makes you feel as if you were there.
  • Bernanke Panky and DollarDaze watch the Federal Reserve.
  • George Washington's blog, written by a patriot reports the attacks on all the positive values the USA once stood for.
  • For a good write-up what companies say only days before they go belly up and other corporate lies up I direct you to Market Ticker, these days one of my special favourites.
  • Fordham media professor Paul Levinson's Infinite Regress follows the presidential debates and how the media report them. Yes, I would vote for Ron Paul.
  • naked capitalism has very good commentary on current affairs with a focus on the big stories.
  • The best satire in financial writing comes of course from the UK. Special mention goes to portfolio manager Tim Price's blog The Price of Everything makes me laugh tears with every new post. If all goes very bad he can make a living from the world's first financial cabaret Monty Python style.
  • The latest addition is Global Economy Matters where you will find news on those countries overlooked in the MSM (mainstream media). Also noted for its good link lists.
Don't blame me for extending your extensive reading list. Recipient of all the blame in the world is Mrs. Margaralene Wozniak of Maple Terrace, Lake Tahoe.


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