"We The People" Or "Me The President"???

Friday, June 22, 2007

President George Bush's approval ratings have plummeted to a new low. A Newsweek poll I picked up here comes to the conclusion that only 26% of Americans approve how Dubya handles his job. Approval for the Iraq war dwindled to a record low of 23% and only half of the USA agrees on Homeland Security.
The bad political news don't end here today. Knowing that this adminstration is not exactly popular for showing humour Bush's vice Dick Cheney really sees himself as standing above the law. According to a story on the CNN website Cheney's office refused to cooperate with the National Archives' Information Security Oversight Office, an agency that oversees classified information. The report says Cheney first refused to cooperate and then tried to abolish the agency altogether.
According to a letter from William Leonard, director of the oversight office, Cheney's office argued it did not meet the definition of an executive branch agency and therefore was exempt.
The vice president's arguments come amid of flood of secrecy inside the Beltway. No other presidential administration has classified so many documents like the Bush predators in the White House. Cheney recently also took criticism for destroying records about visitors to his office, citing he would not get "candid answers" otherwise. Well, he could always make use of "soft torture" in order to get such.
This administration has lost its credibility abroad already. As we can now safely assume that the invasion of Iraq was not about cheaper oil - crude has gone five-fold since - one has to wonder who legitimates the policies of this president who rules in an unconstitutional mode that rather follows the concept of "me the president" instead of "we the people" as the constitution stipulates.
If any other country would operate as the USA does nowadays it would immediately be accused of threatening democracy and furthering the agenda of religious fundamentalists.


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