World Cup Trophy For Sale - Tale On Physical Silver Prices

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Play or pay!
It was not my intention to get sucked into World Cup mania, but while watching a rather eventless Germany-Italy game - score still 0:0 - I checked prices on ebay for physical gold and silver and found this offering from an anonymous seller. Starting at 25,000 Euros ($32,000) he offers an 18 carat copy of the original FIFA World Cup Trophy 2006, weighing 1.5 kg.
Goldbugs and football (soccer) fans could make a double killing (I am in no way affiliated with this offer.)

World Cup Trophy 2006 (Copy)

The bullion value of the trophy stands currently at 17,800 Euros/$21,800 with a gold price of $622. The seller claims that 5 copies of the trophy were made about 30 years ago and were stored in a safe since, remaining in mint condition.
So if you fancy to show off your own - slightly smaller than the original - World Cup Trophy you don't need to get in shape, just click here and start bidding. Still let your friends only look at it: the genuine trophies are made of massive gold.
So What Is The Real Silver Spot Price?
Checking silver prices on ebay I also found out that physical silver gets traded at sometimes hefty premiums vs. spot. Standard 1 kg bars sell between 335 and 390 Euros ($430 to $500) whereas the silver spot price would only justify a price of 282 Euros ($360). This is a markup between 19% and 38%.
As theses are actual trades of physical bullion it is interesting to note that prices remained stable when silver went from $12.50 to $10/ounce in the past weeks. I am left with the question: Where is the real silver spot price to be found?


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