A Guaranteed 130% Profit Waits To Be Realized

Monday, July 31, 2006

US pennyUS Nickel

That Nickel and Penny jar in your kitchen is slowly becoming a money-spinner. John Trudgian from Williams Inference alerted me today that pre-1981 pennies now contain metal worth 2.3 cents, guaranteeing you a 130% profit when you bring it to the smelter instead of the candy store (are there still candies for a penny around?)
A nickel is worth 6.17 cents to the smelter at current metal prices. "The USA now has 2 of the 5 coins they make for general circulation wherein the metal value exceeds the face value. So we shall expect to see proposals for zinc or aluminum Nickels before long," says Trudgian.
Copper currently trades at $3.52 per pound, Nickel at $12.01 and Zinc at $1.49.


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