W(arlord) Visit - Vienna In A Deadlock

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The city of Vienna came to a standstill because of the visit of the world's most disputed politician. George W(arlord) Bush will arrive in Vienna at 9:30 PM today, meeting the EU presidency.
Security measures in this 2-million town where no-go areas are unknown, are unprecedented. The liar, killer, insider trader, torturer and gravedigger of the US constitution and the bill of rights will be protected by 5,000 Austrian police and several hundred members of the secret service.
Bush had better come to Austria to meet the EU heads. In Belgium, home of the EU, ordinary citizens are allowed to report anybody to the judicial system for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Belgium has an outstanding arrest warrant for defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. He has not been seen in Belgium, home to European NATO headquarters as well, since.

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The day here had already started with some incidents. Protesters - certainly a very clear majority here - managed to place four suitcases along the routes Bush will drive in Vienna. None of the suitcases contained explosive material.
On Wednesday Viennese pupils will strike and attend a demonstration against Bush. Demonstrations are set to take place on routes that will never ever come closer than half a mile to the warlords whereabouts.
Austria's chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel has promised to address both the closing of Guantanamo and CIA flights over Europe but it is expected that Bush will direct the agenda of the meeting towards finding more allies for his crusade against Iran.
I end my post with the notice that 80% of Europeans are highly critical of Bush's policy of unilateral aggression.


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