Note About Feeds - And A Markets Perspective

Friday, June 23, 2006

Original Bloglet subscribers to this blog have already noticed that they now receive a daily mail from Feedblitz. This is due to Bloglet outphasing its service.
In case you do not receive any posts please check your spam folder or subscribe again.
I have rechecked all my feeds in the sidebar and they all appear to work properly again as there was a problem with a few subscribers in Feedblitz which should be solved now. Apologies to 11 former subscribers; I hope you come back.
Please take note that I will only check Feedblitz once a week for problems, all other feeds get checked only once in a while.
So if you encounter problems with any of the free services please let me know.
Talking about feeds and their incredible help in compiling all relevant news in a single screen I recommend to subscribe with the XML button as a first option when using a RSS reader because this ensures the quickest notification about new posts.
Next to this I like Bloglines which is very efficient to keep track on blogs.
All others are a matter of different tastes and internet portals.
Counting more than 200 subscribers with 3 services (Bloglines, Feedburner, Feedblitz) makes me proud to have developed a loyal readership.
Blogging is competitive. Having seen my daily number of readers swell close to 1,000/day in early 2006, this has dropped to half again; certainly due to my less frequent posting. I hope it's not because quality/accuracy have slipped.
I have stopped a routine of daily posts for 4 reasons.
  1. Things are developing the way I have projected them in my longer-term outlooks written in the past 15 months. Browse the archive. Only stock markets are still much stronger than I had expected them. But they also follow my long established rule that higher rates mean less liquidity and therefore rates and markets always develop inversely.
  2. Less trading but sitting out the correction in precious metals. Although I would not be surprised to see gold take another dive once markets get the idea that the Fed will have to resort to 50 bp hikes the long-term trend is clear. The safe haven for 6,000 years of monetary history will unfailingly be one again this time. I shall repeat that silver should develop even better.
  3. In my view White Noise has dramatically increased as higher volatilities in all markets prove.
  4. Bear markets lasted in most cases longer than the preceding bull markets. We are only 6 years into the bear after a 20-year inflation of stock prices.
I guess that leaves me with ample opportunity to fill in my 2cents.


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