Information Overload

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sorry. I am suffering from a huge bout of information overload.
  • Money supply exploding all over the world
  • GE net profit declines 46 %
  • Inflation figures are up everywhere
  • Gold does not correct
  • In 11 days Bernanke will become the skipper of the Federal Reserve
  • The time Iran needs to build a "nucular" bomb (Bushspeak) has shrunk from a decade to a few months according to MSM (commercial mainstream media.) Reminds me on Tony Blair's statement that Saddam could poison European targets within 45 minutes.
  • Crude oil steering towards all-time highs
  • GOP plagued by scandals, scandals, scandals
  • Ford plans to cut another 25,000 jobs
  • Bush needs to keep the liquidity-tap open in order to secure the mid-term elections
  • Housing bubble begins to pop
  • Bond prices are falling
  • The US wants Google's search records. Great! They wanna know what I think about. Remember, this data would give the administration a realtime clue what you are thinking about.
  • Why do MSM ignore the biggest bull of all: GOLD (exception: Bloomberg)
  • The presidential cycle (see picture below)

  • 4 year us equity cycle

Due to my annual health check I will not be able to post until next Friday.
Recommendation: Stay with gold, accumulate if there is a dip in the first quarter.


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