A Good Article On The World Energy War

Monday, January 09, 2006

Asia Times Online today carries this highly interesting commentary, headlined "The Kremlin And The World Energy War." Author W. Joseph Stroupe, editor-in-chief of the Global Events Magazine draws a frightening picture and claims that
"the Kremlin is now working to drive the final wedge between the US and Europe as it forces Europe to think about the terribly high price of aligning with the US and cooperating with it against Russian interests. Moscow is sending the signal that it is willing and able to be a reliable energy and political and economic partner, only so long as its own legitimate interests and security are also fully respected in return. It will not stand any longer for European duplicity. Energy security is not free. The price is respect for Russia and a guarantee of its legitimate interests."
Europe was rattled by Russia's measure of reducing natural gas exports for two days around new year. Sitting in our residences which are mostly heated with natural gas in Europe's urban areas it came as a shock to energy providers when they found out that Europe is entirely dependent on Russia's good-will if we want to keep our backsides warm.
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