International Economic Calendar Added - Includes All Central Banker Speeches

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Looking for an international economic calendar that lists all upcoming appearances of the world's leading central bankers?
Look no further than the sidebar of this blog.
Having searched the web for the past weeks to find such a thing, I stumbled across it at the website of Danish Saxobank.
So here we go; scroll the list of upcoming economic indicators and central bankers appearances from the industrialized world up to two weeks in advance and be never again surprised by a bombshell Greenspan, Trichet & Co may drop on your investment strategy. All times are London time (GMT).
The calendar works only on the mainpage of this blog.
NOTE: Internet Explorer users have to scroll down as the sidebar is transformed into a sub-bar in Microsoft's browser. Don't ask me why. I can't figure it out myself as I write this blog on a Mac. For a more convenient experience of this blog and all its goodies it is best to get Firefox.


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