Growing Similarities Between US Government And Nazi Regime - A Historical Comparison

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Based on the latest reports in the Washington Post the US government is increasingly applying methods that until a few years ago were mainly associated with the Nazi and other totalitarian regimes. Sorry for the harsh words towards the government and its operatives of an otherwise mostly wonderful people, but the long string of scandals that has been engulfing the US leaves me no other choice.
Blogging is about the freedom of speech. I could not have written this post in any of the MSM (mainstream media) I have worked for. There is still a self-censorship employed stemming from post-WWII times when the US helped Europe back on its feet with the Marshall plan. But today's arrogance of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice administration gives room to growing hostility towards US policy around the globe.
The times they are a changin' (Bob Dylan), as almost every new day gets filled with horrifying news about the unacceptable behavior of the USA on the international stage. Thou shalt not kill seems to have become a phrase the fundamentalist right-wing America simply ignores, in the name of a new religion called petro-theism. Extremism has to be condemned in all cases, independent of its origins. We have only one world.
It all started with an unjust war based on lies (weapons of mass destruction turned out to be weapons of mass deception) where the acting president and his vice Dick Cheney have started to shift reasons ever since the public was alerted to the fact that Saddam Hussein was not capable of producing WMD. Comparison: The Nazis started their war by "returning fire" against a fictitious Polish attack.
Hitler's Enabling Laws = Bush's Homeland Security
There are still a lot of open questions why WTC 7 - a building occupied by government authorities close to the destroyed towers - came down on 9/11, defeating all laws of physics.

Pentagon Attack
IMAGE: The size of a Boeing does not fit the scale of the destruction. What happened to the debris? How can 2 planes destroy towers designed to withstand such an impact while a third one just vanishes in a comparably small hole?
While my sympathy lies with all innocent 9/11 victims I still wait to see pictures that would be compelling evidence that it was really a Boeing that crashed into the Pentagon and that gave the administration the opportunity to drastically reduce civil liberties of not only US citizens but also everybody else visiting the country of unlimited opportunities. Why does the USA request fingerprints from travellers disembarking from a flight or a boat while the Mexican border is still wide open? Is it because the US economy depends on cheap immigrant labor where education costs were borne by the Southern neighbour?
Truth Is The First Victim In A War
I also point to the fact that in the history of aviation disasters only a handful of flight recorders - the "black boxes" designed to withstand all massive impacts and hours of white-hot fire - were never recovered. You guessed right if you suspect that those of the four doomed flights on 9/11 were among them. (I hope not to get pushed into the corner of conspiracy theorists because of my unbelief of the official story. I am only describing some facts and I do not believe in conspiracies as they would require intelligent members throughout in order to succeed. History has not seen such a case yet.)
The Reichstag, seat of the German parliament, was set on fire in 1933 - 4 weeks after Hitler was appointed chancellor - and the communists were immediately blamed for it. This started a wave of "enabling laws" - similar to the Homeland Security Act - that led to discriminating inhuman measures against Jews, leftists, gays and other minorities that ended in the industrialization of death in the concentration camps; aministered with the help of IBM punchcards. No export restrictions had been in place then.
Detention Facility = Concentration Camp
Today I read in the Washington Post that the US is operating secret detention facilities in at least 8 countries (some of them allegedly democracies) where prisoners are cut off from any contact to the outside world, are getting tortured and have no guaranteed access to defense counsels. Where is the ethic difference to the Nazi's concentration camps when casualties are documented in both cases? Don't tell me the numbers make the difference! Killed is killed. It makes no difference whether by the CIA or the Gestapo who had the same powers the FBI has today but lacked the technology. (All links open in a new window)

The Salt Pit in Afghanistan
PHOTO: The "Salt Pit" in Afghanistan. Courtesy of Space Imaging Middle East.
Iraq - The Unwinnable War
No sane person outside the US believes anymore that Iraq was invaded for the reason to liberate its people from Saddam, a former ally of the US. All the atrocities of Saddam were already known at the time of the first war against Iraq.

Rumsfeld and Saddam

PHOTO: Rumsfeld and Saddam shake hands in the 1980s.
Now that the war takes much longer and many more US (and Iraqi!) lives than anticipated the official USA is digging in. Bush's vice, Dick Cheney, said on October 6 that the US must be prepared to fight the war on terror for decades. How nice that a septuagenarian calls for a war spanning decades. He certainly won't be around then to be held accountable for the pain he will have inflicted on American and Arab families alike. Have they recognized that a people can be willing to die for what they cannot get otherwise anyway: Freedom!?
President Bush on August 22 was seeking "total victory" over Iraq in front of US soldiers, the Department of Defense reported.
Reminds me of Hitler's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels who in February 1943 asked an ecstatic Nazi-selected crowd in the Sportpalast whether they wanted a "total war." Don't miss out on reading this speech. Goebbels also asked for sacrifices by the people in order for the whole good. At that time the Nazi regime was in a quite similar position war-wise as the USA is today.
Those who do not learn from history are damned to repeat it.
In case you want a first-hand account of life in Iraq under the US occupation, surf to "Baghdad Burning", a blog written by an Iraqi woman who deserves a worldwide readership for her sobering documentary. Read her posts about the drafted constitution and the case for a lasting war will become much clearer. In case you prefer to ignore such accounts you will certainly feel more comfortable with the NRO's upcoming series of "Iraq Progress Reports." I doubt though that these reports will focus on such acts as why the oil ministry in Iraq was better protected from looters than the National Museum which housed many treasures of ancient human civilization that disappeared forever.
The Coming Conflict With Iran
While US soldiers are getting killed in the Iraqi invasion by the thousands, the White House has started its warmongering against Iran. It is certainly untolerable that Iran's leadership wants Israel wiped off the map. But it is also intolerable that the only nuclear power in the world who has made use of its devastating force denies other countries its right of self defense against an aggressor and the right to substitute its dwindling energy stock with an alternative used in many other non-democratic countries as well. And Condoleezza Rice's contradicting statements are not very helpful in dousing this potential conflict.
MSM Ignoring The GAO Reports On Stolen Election
In my rant against the acting US government I also have to include some criticism of the mainstream media (MSM.) The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has these days published a new report (pdf) that comes to the conclusion that the 2004 reelection of W. was rigged. It points to manifold cases where W. "won" precincts with more votes than there were voters. For the juiciest details surf to The Free Press.
CNN, where I always wonder how this news station is funded in the light of very few paid commercials between their costly global conflict coverage with a strong pro-US bias, has not yet run a follow-up after reporting the start of the GAO's investigation a year ago. Neither has any other MSM organisation. Maybe it helps when every reader mails them.
USA Exempt From Human Rights?
The US' denial to give the United Nations access to the concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay (not to speak of the afore-mentioned secret camps) is another blow in the face of humanity and democracy. Are the USA exempt from the Geneva Conventions and the charta on Human Rights? I am not aware of such a treaty. What do Rumsfeld & Co have to hide?
In this context it has also to be noted that the US has the biggest prison population in the world, mainly stemming from a war of drugs that has turned into a war on drug users, condemned in some cases even by the right-wing NRO. OK, China may have even more prisoners - who knows for sure -, but I do not think that the USA wants to be compared against a still totalitarian regime that has only allowed more freedom for business but not for people. The USA is among a handful of countries that executes minors and moves to end this sad practice are blocked by radical conservatives. Any bible psalms needed that contradict the policies of the Christian jihadists?
Looking at other longtime allies of the US one sees that democracy is not a prerequisite for an alliance with the biggest military power in the world. Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, the former ally Iraq and others have one factor in common: Large oil and(or natural gas reserves. Friendship according to the number of barrels still in the ground.
While Hitler was attacking Russia for its vast agricultural land, US foreign policy seems to have only one priority: Oil.
Oil Rig

PHOTO: The prerequisite of less developed countries for an alliance with the USA.
Humanity comes a distant second or third only. See the post "Zimbabwe: No Oil >> No Fight for Freedom, Democracy, Humanity..." Oil wars prevail.
Arrogance Comes Before The Fall
This all happens while Bush tells the world he is a faithful Christian and a compassionate conservative. Thou shalt not lie.
Sometimes I wonder how politicians can become so engulfed in their view of the world, ignoring the signs written on the wall. If the 2004 election had taken place in Europe Bush would have lost by a 20:80 margin. Do I have to add that we still have paper ballots counted by local election committees?
The arrogance he and his team display to the rest of the world can become the roadblock the biggest economy in the world may hit at full speed.
Before Bush the whole world admired the American way of life. Wearing jeans or drinking Coca Cola was a way we all could (and wanted to) feel American, including teenagers in Tehran . This is about to change completely unless US policy manages a U-turn rather sooner than later.
In case you disagree; look at the performance of the US equity market in comparison to the European stock exchanges who have all recovered from 9/11 and post healthy gains this year. Mr. Market is always right and a stock market discounts the future in advance.


It feels strange that the generation '68 now rules a world entangled in more violent conflicts than ever before.
I simply had to write this.I am looking forward to your comments. Why do I have the feeling there will be lots of them, both pro and contra?


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