Attn. Internet Explorer Users - Blog Problem Fixed

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thanks to reader Mark Tritsch I got notice that this blog did not display correctly in SoftMicro's Internet Explorer due to an HTML error.
It worked fine in all other browsers. Since I write this blog on my beloved Apple Powerbook I was not aware of the problem as only the dreaded Internet Explorer was affected and for security reasons I do not surf the internet with this awkward Windoze machine I am forced to use too.
Enjoy reading (and get Firefox - link in the sidebar.)
UPDATE: This is hilarious. Now I see that the sidebar (with the Firefox link) is displayed at the lower end of my blog posts in Internet Explorer.
As I am no certified Windoze engineer who took a SoftMicro course in order to surf the internet - all this works by itself with a Mac - I humbly ask for assistance here to fix this problem. I thought all browsers adhere to the same HTML standards. Is it instinct that I never thought about going long in SoftMicro?


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