Insanity Of The Day: Get Rich With Credit Card Backed FX Trading

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I spotted this insane ad at another blog. Is this the solution? From the housing bubble to the Forex trading bubble?
We would not even need any more paper or ink for the creation of ever more money. Let's just not worry and be happy when everybody starts to e-trade forex on margin with money that is not available in the first place. With a little help from the Fed this bubble could build and build and build. It's so easy. The Fed - also the banking supervisor - only needs to take an online look at current open positions and raise rates when people are long dollars or cut rates when they are short dollars. New interest rates everyday; televised by CNBC. Mad money 24/7.
Doesn't it make macroeconomic sense in the end? No need to actually produce anything at all anymore! Why spend money on commodities and other resources for production when we can create digital numbers without all that stuff that would only make dirty hands. Why waste gas when condo-flipping when we can actually create wealth-defining numbers on the (Made in China) flatscreen?
No more waste, no more dirty hands, digital numbers only - with the built-in option of changing their colour from black to red! And everybody could be happy! Until the credit card bill arrives!


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