Zimbabwe: No Oil >> No Fight for Freedom, Democracy, Humanity...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Before I start my post on Alan Greenspan's testimonial about China and all that first a very emotional comment on the escalating situation in Zimbabwe. There is a dictator who rigged the elections and who has now made some 2 million people homeless by razing their makeshift shelters with bulldozers in a campaign that started about a month ago.

Harare shantytown

PICTURE: Left shows a shantytown in Mbare south of Harare that is missing on the right picture. 2 million people are homeless in the middle of the African winter. And it gets cold there in the night. Check out a weather service for temperatures in Harare. Scroll down to see the dictator's "dwelling"!!Courtesy: Kurier
And where is the outcry of the international community, let alone intervention??
There are reports the bulldozers don't even hesitate to maim children. And now Robert Mugabe, the "statesman" has prohibited the growing of food in backyards in a country that encounters severe famine for years already. For more information visit websites like AllAfrica.com, ZimDaily.com, ZWNews.com and especially The Zimbabwe Situation, which compiles all other media reports on the deterioration of the former food-box of Southern Africa. Nobody can say he does not know. The internet provides us with free realtime information about even the most distant corners of the globe.

Demolition in Zimbabwe

PICTURE: Click this image for a better version of the above one. Hat tip to Mandebvhu, who has even higher resolution pics here. Courtesy of Digital Globe.
So far there are only a few calming words from UK politicians, but no action whatsoever.
Mugabe enters the early stages of a holocaust that can be compared with the terror regime of Saddam Hussein against the Kurds.
I decline the right of every politician in the world to call himself civilized when she/he shuts the eyes in front of this ongoing humanitarian catastrophe.
I feel ashamed of a world that manages to set up an "international coalition" for the official reason to depose an inhuman dictator who coincidentally happened to control the world's third biggest oil reserves. A coalition that applies the same regime of inhumanity as did the dictator they chased away, with torture, killings and a puppet government that has "invited" them, that is the phrase White House spokesperson Scott McClellan used at a press conference.
Well, I am sure the people of Zimbabwe would be happy if the "international coalition" would follow their invitation to Zimbabwe. Sorry if it's not a formal invitation; people there have no money for a post stamp and all the internet cafes are closed.
Where is this "international coalition" in the case of a country that has no black gold?
No special UN sessions get devoted to this issue, no talk about intervention in the name of freedom, democracy, humanity. Poor Zimbabweans, destined to starve or get maimed just because they are not in the position to be able to show the "international community" some oil fields that would be worth a war in the name of humanity.

mugabe mansion

PICTURE: Dictator Robert Mugabe meanwhile builds himself a 15-million dollar mansion.
UPDATE I: Please see this post "Zimbabwe: 200 NGO's Issue Appeal to the UN" (with more pictures of the destruction) and maybe mail this and the other one to your political representatives. The world must not remain quiet in the face of an unprecedented act of barbarism from an aging despot who builds himself a 110-room mansion for 15 millions US dollars at the same time this is happening. Half of the starving population of Zimbabwe depends on foreign aid.
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