A Random Walk on the Fed's Website

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I spent some time doing a random walk on the Federal Reserve's website using their search engine. Using single key words it is rather interesting which topics the Fed does not like to talk about.
A random list of key words and their frequency brings some interesting results whose interpretation I leave up to my readers. Actually it should not be interpreted but just taken as piece of light - and hopefully entertaining - reading.
Using the search engine at the Federal Reserve's website one notes first that one gets redirected to a site of the Fed New York.
  • I first used "money" as this is what the Fed is all about: 12,633 matches.
  • "Dollar" brought a lot more results: 44,642 matches. We now know the Fed is mainly concerned with the dollar.
  • "Inflation" resulted in 26,995 matches.
  • "Fiat money": 12,744 matches.
  • "Debt": 11,097 matches.
  • "Risk": 10,458 matches.
  • "Policy": 8,070 matches.
  • "Gold": 5,529 matches.
  • "Economy": 1,504 matches.
  • "Risk management: 520 matches.
  • "Hope": 512 matches.
  • "Reform": 479 matches.
  • "Crisis": 314 matches.
  • "Recession" is a no-no word: 303 matches.
  • "War": 268 matches.
  • "Silver": 181 matches.
  • "Collapse": 125 matches.
  • "Bubble": 105 matches.
  • "Love": 48 matches.
  • "Fallout": 32 matches.
  • "Meltdown": 18 matches.
  • "Fiat": 17 matches.
  • "Conundrum": 13 matches, first time in 1998 by Roger Ferguson. 6 matches in 2005.
The comparison of the frequency of "fiat" and "fiat+money" shows that the search engine appears to have some weaknesses. Two words should give less matches than one term only. But there is a higher probability that I am a search engine illiterate, having found googleguide.com only today. Googleguide is highly recommended if you are also overwhelmed by the millions of documents you get at every search.


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