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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Having started this blog 87 days ago, on April 3, I am happy to have recorded almost 33,000 hits (Statcounter) from 18,000 readers (Sitemeter) by today.
Don't conclude that econ blogging is a widely read affair from these figures that elevated me to rank #343 in The Truth Laid Bear ecosystem for a passing moment, overtaking such tempting blogs like the one from a cat-lover, called "Pussy Talk".
The recent spike comes solely from a non-econ story, "Zimbabwe: No Oil >> No Fight for Freedom, Democracy, Humanity..." which attracted more than 10,000 readers since last Friday, surfing here from more than 130 countries.
Most prominent among them are the US Democratic Leadership Council, the US Naval Undersea Warfare Centre (sold my sailboat long ago) along with many other military folks, the Dept. of State and several other Federal agencies as well as three dozen major MSM (Mainstream Media), the FRB and the World Bank and countless other important institutions. I am most delighted by this as it shows that stories about humanitarian tragedies are of much more interest than comments on the global economy which in my opinion is a politically correct ranking of importance.
I want to thank all my readers, whose growing number of regulars encourages me to stay along the lines of my motto described in the header.
Special thanks go to all those who linked to my blog in the early days and who are the pillarstone for my expanding readership.
I would never have thought that non-commercial writing could become such a passion for someone who got well paid for his professional writings before.
In my opinion blogs are the hottest thing in the world of reporting as they combine news with explaining commentary for a news-hungry world that suffers from information overload and misses the context between the myriad pieces of information swamping all of us every day. This is where bloggers come in as we are the only truly free reporters in a media circus entangled in the web of commercial and political interests.
The expertise and insight I find in the blogosphere on any given day easily surpasses 99 percent of what gets written in the MSM.
MSM journalists are bound to stay with the facts/lies given to them and have less and less leeway to tell their readers the story between the official quotes. (2+2=4 is not allowed in most media anymore; you need to have an established expert telling you so which can be a problem because of the trend to stay with the herd)
I guess this is the reason why blogs are becoming so popular as they can do exactly this: Connecting the dots to provide a clearer (big/macro) picture. My list of regularly read blogs - most but not all of them contained in the blogroll in the sidebar - proves this every day very successfully.
Hat tip to everybody who delivers his insights instead of hitting it with the happy hour crowd. Your work is more recognized than most of you think, I guess.


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