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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Austrian government has enacted a law on May 12, coming into effect on July 1, 2005, that sets blogs on a par with all other media regarding their legal responsibilities.
As non-commercial freedom of thought and expression is now regulated by law I will set up an interest group that will demand the same rights for bloggers as for journalists. I wonder if we will get treated the same way as members of the mainstream media, especially in respect of getting access to press conferences of the government and all its entities, public companies and all other bodies that spread their news via the media, not by merit but by legal definition.
This new law arises the question of the definition "journalist." Is one a journalist by education, by actual work or by being employed by a media company?
It will also be of interest whether we will be granted the same rights as journalists who still enjoy a special status in Austria in terms of privacy. Does this inclusion in the media law also mean that
our phones can only get wire-tapped under special circumstances and special controls, as is the case with lawyers, politicians and ecclesiastical representatives?
Will we be able to represent ourselves in the Association of Publishers?

  • All Austrian bloggers are cordially invited to contact me.

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