Markets sleep - economists turn to sex

Monday, May 09, 2005

As equity, debt and commodity markets are treading water for the time being - the onslaught of data starting again on Wednesday - the economic blogosphere gets swamped with the other favorite topic in life. Starting off at Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen elaborates on reader Michael Vassar's question, "why don't people have more sex?"
Tyler answers, "there has been a market failure, but the Internet is remedying it. People are having more sex and this will only go up."
That topic inspired several otherwise usually very serious bloggers. David Tufte at voluntaryXchange picks up on today's topic no. 1 and throws in, "to an economist this implies that there are huge changes in the terms-of-trade between sex and other activities in which we might partake."
Stumbling and Mumbling attributes it to "high search costs" and four more reasons. All mentioned blogs are filling up the commentaries on today's hot topic, while the BoE'S decision to leave rates unchanged did not get one note on any of the blogs I read regularly.
Not directly related, but still to be taken into context is Globalization Institute's blog with its latest contribution "rich is beautiful".

After all that raunchy economic philosophy, r
eading The Skeptical Speculator's latest headline "Leading indicators point down - or up" , doesn't really let one shift into econ mode on the turn of a dime.
And David Altig's macroblog misses today's blogo-topic entirely with this post on current Fed Funds forecasts altogether ;-)
Nonetheless the unusual absence of The Capital Spectator in today's blogging world arises the question, whether he might "just do it".
Truck and Barter finally was already last week a big step ahead with "The Baby-Goods Industry", reminding us that there is a 9-month-after.
There is actually some scientific research on the issue, the New York Times reported in this story last July and I am confident Freakonomics will turn to sex at one point of time as well. And lastly for the maniacs who still had ot enough by now, Marginal Revolutions, had some more economic science on sex listed in this older post.
Seeing the markets still going nowhere and having all that recent blogging in mind I wonder why my wife is out late...
Left with reading news headlines and seeing Bloomberg TV's effort to jizz up the markets' boringness in vain I can assure you that you won't miss out on any move, so go home to your loved one early today!


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