It's only hypothetical - I truly hope so

Friday, April 29, 2005

After tuning into CNBC (Europe) in the morning I always need a good dose of reality. The best way to do this is to jump to for commentaries and Stormwatch for the underlying fundamentals. I especially value Richard Daughty aka Mogambo Guru for his contributions that manage to combine knowledge, wits and irony in a style that has yet to be contested.
Seeing from my webstatistics that my steadily growing readership is more or less equally split into market pro's and non-economists who try to make common sense from the information overload we all suffer from, I want to point out the most worthwhile piece of writing for the latter group that will probably give you a very good understanding why interest rates are the most important driving force in today's global economy.
Jump to The Day After Tomorrow Part 1 and Part 2, written by Jim Puplava and Frank Barbera for some fantastic weekend reading. And don't forget to settle at least some of your debts on Monday!


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